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Joyce Del Sordo Head of Partnerships

Gen AI Mon 3rd June, 2024

Equal Experts and RelationalAI: Freeing the potential of data through partnerships

The Data Cloud Summit starts today in San Francisco. It’s a celebration of what data can do, and an opportunity to explore new ways of doing it.

If you believe in deciding with data and you care about making better decisions, then there’s no better place to be right now than here in San Francisco. It’s the opening day of the Data Cloud Summit hosted by Snowflake, where I find myself amidst a vibrant crowd of thousands of people brimming with fresh ideas about how to optimise  data to help drive business growth.

We’re proud to continue and celebrate our partnership with RelationalAI that will give our customers more choices for how they bring data together with AI. RelationalAI, an AI coprocessor for data clouds, will be unveiling their Knowledge Graphs in Snowflake at the summit. Taking the traditional idea of Knowledge Graphs, which connect different data sets and map how they relate to each other, RelationalAI’s Knowledge Graphs in Snowflake will build on this by connecting different AI models to work on those data sets. Rather than giving each AI model a copy of data to work on separately like a professor locked away in a room, the RelationalAI Knowledge Graphs get models working on the same data at the same time. It’s a simpler and faster way to generate the insights that you need.

As the Head of Partnerships for Equal Experts, the idea of connecting different ways of working feels very close to home. It’s what having an ecosystem of trusted partners is all about. This week in San Francisco is a reminder of why that matters. 

The potential of data depends on how you organise it

A four-day summit with thousands of attendees shows how valuable data has become, and how important it is to keep demanding more from it. Not so long ago, companies were focused on collecting data first and figuring out what to do with it later. It ended up stuck in siloes or at the bottom of data lakes, and its potential was rarely realised. We’re all here in San Francisco because we understand that data gets more valuable when you think imaginatively about how you can organise and connect it. Caring about the quality of data is what enables exciting things to happen.

Values help form better partnerships

My job involves creating partnerships with trusted organisations that help us determine the best ways for our customers to innovate. Shared values are an important part of that process. Equal Experts often works with Snowflake because its platform is purposefully designed around making data valuable, responsive and applicable to what customers need. Our partnership with RelationalAI succeeds because both of us care about the simplest way of getting to the right outcomes. By enabling a variety of approaches to reach these outcomes, we can elevate our collective ability to provide new business insights, opportunities and an overall enhanced customer experience.

New connections mean new ideas

It’s going to be a busy few days, with lots of keynotes exploring the impact that data and AI can have, from revolutionising healthcare to tackling barriers to gender equality. However, this summit isn’t just about people presenting slides and reading from scripts. It’s the new connections that you make and the new conversations that you start that are really exciting. When you get lots of people in a room who care about what data can do, it’s amazing how many new ideas start to come together. It’s one of the many reasons why I love my job. Here’s to sparking some more new thinking around data over the next few days.