Delivering software. Making things better.
Whatwe do We provide simple software solutions to complex business problems
Who wework with We work with businesses that want to deliver software in a faster and more flexible way
Whowe are A network of delivery focused practitioners (and geeks!)
Whatwe do

At Equal Experts, we focus on providing simple software solutions to complex business problems. We do this with our network of independent associates, all of whom combine technical excellence and business pragmatism to deliver solutions that are innovative, but responsible. We focus on using appropriate tools and technology to add real value.

We can innovate quickly and reliably, because we put the right people on projects, which means that the risks inherent to innovation are offset by trusting talented, experienced people to employ relentless quality processes (and a “zero tolerance” attitude to defects). We make heavy use of open source technology wherever possible, which dramatically lowers total cost of ownership for clients, without compromising quality or flexibility.

Ways we can work with you

Our associates are the best-of-the-best, the majority of them have over 10 years of experience and we build relationships with them for the long term, across multiple projects. When associates are on-site their brief is simple - do what is right for the client; they work to client objectives, but remain accountable to us so we can provide delivery assurance, and maintain the impeccable standards that our clients have come to expect.

This all combines to form a proven, repeatable approach for faster time-to-market and better return on investment.

Who wework with

Our clients are businesses that want their software development to operate in a faster and more flexible way – companies such as Telefonica/O2, UBS and Caplin have used us to deliver more, with less. We also work with the Home Office, the UK Government and HM Revenue and Customs. We've built apps like Priority Moments, MyO2 and RightMove, serving millions of customers through game-changing software.

Where organisations are new to Agile working methods, we're experienced enough to help stakeholders, decision-makers and team members really understand how everything works.

Who we are
Thomas Granier
Thomas Granier Managing Director

In 2007 Thomas Granier got fed up with the traditional consulting model: excessive layers of hierarchy were stopping people from making meaningful decisions, overheads were high and people had to be kept busy, even if the work didn't add value to the client. He noticed that a couple of experienced people would lead a team, but the people actually doing the work were often learning on the job – ‘wasteful’ was just one word for it.

There was clearly a gap in the market for a hybrid software consultancy. Equal Experts was born.

“An idea that had to happen”

Using Equal Experts consultants creates a much more efficient and equitable business structure - the client pays a fair price for expertise and the consultant gets a larger portion of the fee. Since we started, we've engaged hundreds of consultants to deliver custom software for enterprise clients, both in the UK and from our own wholly-owned offshore location in Pune, India.

We have been recognised for the last two consecutive years in the Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 as one of the fastest growing technology companies in the UK.

Ryan Sikorsky
Ryan Sikorsky Director

Our network is a diverse and inspirational collection of people who are hugely experienced at delivering working, valuable software in many business domains using a wide-range of technologies. They are the best and brightest Agile practitioners, fulfilling every discipline in a cross-functional team: Development, Architecture, Quality Analysis, DevOps, Business Analysis, Scrum Mastery, Project Management (and everything in between). They've won awards with Equal Experts such as the "Best Agile Team" at the UK Agile Awards 2012

We grow our network organically and believe you can judge an individual by the company they keep - over 80% of new associates are based on referrals from our existing network. We treat, and value, every one of our associates as an individual, but expect them all to share a common set of values and traits.

We put all of our potential associates through a rigorous interview process, so once we have good people on board, we do our best to keep them (the attrition rate since Equal Experts was founded is less than 5%). We do this by offering the best of both worlds: the stability and culture of regular work, with the independence and reward of contracting. We actively encourage our associates to participate in Agile and technical communities; both by themselves and on behalf on the Equal Experts network, we host an annual associate conference, hold regular community meetups, technical talks and brown bag session and there's a constant culture of innovation and growth.

If you are looking to work with us, now or in the future, let's make time for a chat

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