Data Services

Everybody’s talking about the importance of data these days – and rightly so. After all, data has radically improved the fortunes of many companies.

But it is only by understanding what your data is telling you that it can become useful and valuable.

That’s where Equal Experts comes in. Data permeates every corner of business. Our Data Studio helps you gain insight, knowledge and understanding to make more informed decisions that create business value from the information you hold.

We do this in three ways:

1. Data analysis

By analysing your data, we can assess how, where and when your organisation is performing well, and when it isn’t. You can then use this information to make changes to your operations and processes, and run a more efficient and profitable business.

We’ve worked with media companies and helped them understand customer viewing habits. Our data analysis enables a better understanding of what programmes create the most value and how they are best delivered to improve service performance.

Similarly, our work with those running online jobs boards has unearthed a series of insights and personas that help our customers get to grips with who is using their mobile apps and website – and how – so that they can offer a better experience.

2. Data pipelines

Of course, plenty of you will already have the in-house expertise to analyse your data. But perhaps the data you have is not arranged in the best format, or the system you use to collect data is struggling to cope under the sheer weight of information you hold.

Again, we can help. Using the latest tools to ingest, organise and present your data in the most useful and accessible way, we can help you accelerate the processing of your information so that your data science and business intelligence teams can make the insights that create business value.

3. Automation and machine learning

Many of our clients are excited by the opportunities afforded by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and algorithms to automate their mobile stores, apps, websites and online systems.

We can help you create more powerful and intelligent operating models by developing automated workflows for key business functions.

We work with the retail sector to enhance recommender engines and boost product search functions by applying smart algorithms, for example – crucial for companies with an extensive catalogue of goods to be sold.

Getting the best value from your data needs strong skills in data engineering, statistics, machine learning and data visualisation. Our experts work across these areas to help you structure the data, find the insights and create outcomes that matter for your business.