Digital delivery – an HMRC field guide
Alun Coppack
Alun Coppack Principal Consultant

What's New Mon 7th March, 2016

Digital delivery – an HMRC field guide

Equal Experts has played a key role in establishing the thriving digital delivery culture that HMRC is now home to, and we’ve taken a look at several aspects of our work with HMRC over the last few months.

Since all this work has been paid for from the public purse, HMRC has now made its learnings public too – in its new document, ’Digital delivery unpackaged’. This 90-page tome goes into plenty of detail into the background of the delivery programme, its operational set-up, and lessons learned in the course of getting to this point.

We’d like to thank HMRC for giving us the opportunity to contribute to the document. It’s well worth a look for anyone involved or interested in digital delivery – whether public or private-sector.